Here’s how the Guide Connection works

If you are a Guide –
First Time
  • Register your username and password
  • Set up your guide profile which includes your ability to:
    • Add your description of your service
    • Upload your logo and up to 3 photos
    • Pin point your location using google maps (even add your gps coordinates!)
  • Review your profile and make any necessary adjustments then proceed to pay your annual subscription fee which is exceptionally priced advertising to connect you to avid outdoors people around the globe!
  • Submit (Note: profile will take 24-48 hours before going live)
After you are registered
  • Provide your client with their outdoor experience and your rating code word from your setup for security purposes (remind your clients to set up a Guide Connection profile!)
  • Review your ratings that clients left you feedback through the “Manage Account” link (Note: you will not see your clients feedback nor will your rating be adjusted until it is approved by the Guide Connection)
  • Respond accordingly to client's comments (not required – subject to approval by the Guide Connection)
  • Once complete, regularly manage your account and view marketing data on how many potential clients have visited your profile and your company’s website from the Guide Connection!
Note: All feedback will be monitored and subject to terms and conditions

If you are a Client –
  • Browse the guide connections website by region, species and locate the guide that will provide you with the experience that you desire
  • Contact the guide(s) of your choice and secure your guide for your outdoor experience
  • Once your experience is complete, register (for first time users) or login and submit feedback for your guide for this experience through the ‘Manage Account’ link.
  • Your guides rating will be updated with your feedback upon approval by the Guide Connection
  • Search for and enjoy another great guide experience through the Guide Connection!
Note: All feedback will be monitored and subject to terms and conditions